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The Potential of One

When you run a small bespoke wool dyeing business, its quite hard to get a largest quantity of wool that all looks the same. In the beginning I wasn't sure what colours I could expect from my foraging and dying so often I would only dye one ball of wool just to see what would come out of my dye pots. As I've gained confidence and understanding of the process I now dye larger quantities and even though there is some differences between each skein, the variances aren't too distinctive and it lends itself to a unique garment that has its own character and beauty.

As a knitter of old, I always wanted multiple skeins of wool to complete some garment project I was interested in making. What then was the potential to make something with just 1 ball of wool? Well that question has certainly opened up a new range of knitting projects for me. Of course makes the possibility of finding patterns with limited meterage so much easier and many fantastic designers also offer simpler patterns for free. They are still interesting and offer a challenge but best of all the finished product turns out really well and you don't get half way through the pattern and are unsure as to what you should be doing.

What a great incentive to make up some smaller items

to show a prospective wool buyer that having just one skein of wool is not a reason to let it simply loll in your yarn stash never being able to show off its beauty, but, more a challenge to turn this one skein into it's full potential.

I've put in a few pictures of my 1 ball creations so you can see just how possible it is to make a gift for that someone special or for yourself. You can never have too many scarves, hats, mittens or socks and anyone who says differently is obviously not a knitter.

Until next time, keep those knitting needles clacking.......

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