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  • Where do your wool and dye products originate from?
    I always source my wool and blends from within NZ. Merino, Polwarth and Alpaca to name a few - all home grown. As much as possible I source dyes from within the confines of Aotearoa NZ but because of our temperate climate we often don't have available the vibrancy of colours that other countries naturally have hence I use indigo, cocineal and other botanical products from overseas to offer variety in my wools.
  • Looking for patterns?
    Try Ravelry. I have some favourite designers which you may like to check out. Libby fromTruly Mytle, (NZ) Carol Feller Stolen Stitches, (Ireland ) Justina Lorkowska from Letes Knit (Poland) Have a look and see what you think.
  • What needles should I use?
    It is always best policy to use the needles which achieve the desired tension for the pattern you are making. Knitting up a swatch can seem like such a time waster when you are dying to get on with your new project. I beg you to take the time to swatch. It's so much easier to work out the tension at the beginning than be disappointed at the end with a item which is either too small or large.
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