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About Us


On a road trip through the Forgotten World Highway, as we drove through the beautiful rural landscapes of Taranaki, it became obvious to me that I needed to do something with wool that fed my artistic instincts and my love of slow crafting.  I started with very little knowledge of dyeing but it’s growing all the time, and I’m really interested in seeing natures’ colours appear in the wool that I dye. 

I dye small batches of wool and try different things to see how they work out.  Every skein is individual and hopefully you will think are beautiful. When I can I beg, borrow and source from my own and friends gardens as well as foraging responsibly.  Often the colours are subtle and autumnal but they are the colours mostly of NZ, sometimes with a little help from other beautiful botanical plants from outside the edges of Aotearoa. 

I hope you love working your magic with the wool I have created.

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