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Market Days & Commissions

Its been a while since I've returned to my blog. Things have been a little hectic but nothing I can't cope with. In the last 6 weeks I've started to attend my local weekend farmers' market in Howick. Not every weekend (a gal has to have a life) but fortnightly.

It's odd how quickly people get use to you being at the market and actually seek you out. I really like this because people come to talk wool and colours and patterns and how squishy the wool is...... the list goes on an on and I'm so happy about this. I like the fact that wool enthusiasts flock together and talk passionately about a art form that they love. It also helps that there is very delicious foods at the market. My offsider and helpmate is sent off at regular intervals for coffee and dumplings, or falafels. All delicious incentives to make spending time in one place that much more pleasurable. Of course I always have some knitting on the go, so to sit and talk and drink and eat is no real hardship for me.

It also means that occasionally I'm asked to do some dyeing or to knit an item for someone. I've just made two pairs of socks for a lovely young stallholder at the market. As all of us are aware - slow crafting/handmade doesn't happen overnight so tomorrow I deliver my second pair of socks. I'm hopeful they will go on to be a favoured item of apparel.

I have also been asked to dye some sock yarn in a particular colourway which has been a little challenging but certainly achievable. Nature doesn't always give you exactly what you want, and looking in the dye pot can sometimes end in delight or despair, but I'm happy to say I think the end results are really lovely.

So folks with this in mind and with tomorrow celebrating Bastille Day in Howick, a symbol of unity - I'm looking forward to eating crepes and hopefully having lots of woolly conversations.

Until next time.......

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A simple but beautifully written little blog by a person who enjoys her artful expression in crafting all things wool by making clothing from it. Keep at it.

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